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Johnny Tejas

Johnny Tejas is inspired by the original Ranch Waters of Texas that John had been drinking for years—a mix of lime, Blanco Tequila and soda water.

Johnny Tejas is John’s fun name for his Ranch Water in a can that you’ll find him drinking when he’s off the clock from his main gig—running a wine company that he started 20 years ago. He’s built success on two things—authenticity and great taste. John spent years dialing in his favorite Tequila cocktail to taste just right. Real Tequila, soda water, a touch of real fruit flavor—and nothing else.

John is a Texas-born wine guy who’s into Tequila. Johnny Tejas is his Tequila soda in a can. Light, refreshing and sessionable—at just 5% alcohol it’s made for hanging out by the pool, floating down the river, watching your favorite team, pre-party, post party, and the party.


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