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JaM Cellars Named Wine Marketer of the Year by LuxeSF

Napa, CA (April 1, 2019) – JaM Cellars has been named “Wine Marketer of the Year” in the 2019 Rising Wine Stars Awards by Luxury Marketing Council of San Francisco, and received the honor at the 2019 Wineries Boot Camp at Yountville’s Lincoln Theater on March 28th. Based in Napa Valley, JaM Cellars is the producer of Butter Chardonnay, one of the fastest-growing chardonnays in the country, as well as California Candy Dry Rosé, JaM Cabernet Sauvignon, and Toast Sparkling wines.

The LuxeSF Rising Wine Star Awards acknowledge wine industry brands and experts who represent the next era of California’s wine industry. The “Wine Marketer of the Year” award is presented to the company that best implements creative new ideas and innovative thinking in wine marketing, and plays a central role in changing the face of the industry. JaM Cellars, bucking industry trends and demystifying the wine aisle in the process, creates and promotes accessible, easy-to-love wines for any occasion. Available nationwide, JaM formulates strategic, targeted, and interactive marketing campaigns for a host of diverse markets to drive brand awareness and both trade and consumer sales.

“We are honored to receive this industry recognition from LuxeSF,” said JaM Cellars Founder and CEO, John Anthony Truchard. “We are proud to create high-quality wines that over-deliver in their price point, and in doing so, we have built a wine brand that has been broadly embraced across the country. We have an exceptional group of talent, and our vision for marketing has always been tied to the fun and unique ways in which our wines fit into our consumers’ everyday lives. It has been a joy to see people respond so enthusiastically to Butter Chardonnay, California Candy Dry Rosé, JaM Cabernet Sauvignon, and Toast Sparkling.”

“At JaM Cellars, we want to connect with wine drinkers every single day—whether that’s at home on the couch, in the grocery store, at a fun new restaurant, or their favorite music festival,” said Sarah Montague, Chief Marketing Officer at JaM Cellars. “Traditional wine marketing can be quite polarized—either education-oriented for an affluent, educated wine drinker, or focused on value for an emerging millennial demographic. Instead, we’re presenting seasoned wine drinkers and non-wine drinkers with quality, premium wines that are easy to understand and enjoy, placing them in authentic settings and letting people enjoy them their own way. Together, JaM wines, music, and the people you love create delicious memories—our partnerships with iHeartRadio, BottleRock Napa Valley, and other festivals across the country help bring that to life.”

Second-generation Napa Valley vintners John and Michele Truchard are the “J” and “M” in JaM Cellars. After almost a decade crafting ultra-premium wines in the Napa Valley, they decided to make easy-to-love wines that are perfect for everyday celebrations as well as special occasions. JaM Cellars wines are part of the John Anthony Family of Wines portfolio, which includes John Anthony Vineyards, FARM Napa Valley, and Serial

About JaM Cellars
JaM Cellars is all about easy-to-love, everyday wines. Crafted by Napa Valley vintners John and Michele Truchard (the “J” and “M” in JaM), Butter Chardonnay, California Candy Dry Rosé, JaM Cabernet Sauvignon and Toast Sparkling are rich, bold, luscious, and live up to their names. Butter Chardonnay melts in your mouth, California Candy leaves you wanting more, JaM Cabernet brims with berries, and Toast Sparkling is a celebration in a glass. These wines are meant to be enjoyed anytime—whether it’s a special occasion or everyday celebration. And now even easier-to-love, Butter and California Candy are both available in fun, grab-and-go 4-packs of 250ml cans. Check out JaM Cellars on Facebook and Instagram @JaMCellars #JaMCellars and

About John Anthony Family of Wines
John Anthony Family of Wines includes John Anthony Vineyards, FARM Napa Valley, Serial, and JaM Cellars. John Anthony Vineyards features wines created from small vineyard sites from the Oak Knoll District, Carneros and Coombsville regions, all available in the winery’s downtown Napa tasting lounge. FARM Napa Valley was started by John Truchard as a farming company in the Napa Valley. Realizing that he was farming some of the best dirt in the Napa Valley, John began producing wine from several of the small hand farmed lots in the name of the farming company. The FARM Napa Valley logo is inspired from the simple philosophy that great wines are grown in the farmers’ shadow. Serial is a collection of red blends. Deep, plush and vibrant wines made from Paso Robles. The name and the labels are provocative, inspired from hand selected artists and named solely with cryptic numbers left for you to discover the meaning. Second-generation Napa Valley vintners John and Michele Truchard are the “J” and “M” in JaM Cellars. JaM Cellars is dedicated to creating super-approachable wines that can be enjoyed anytime –whether a special occasion, everyday celebration, or just a day of the week with a “y”in it!


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